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I work with kids and talk about them a lot. I talk to myself a lot.

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Send me a NHL Team!

  • Anaheim Ducks: Are you good at ice skating?
  • Arizona Coyotes: Which arenas have you been to to see a hockey game?
  • Boston Bruins: Pick five hockey players you'd want to hang out with for a day (they can all be either from the same team or different teams).
  • Buffalo Sabres: Do you have a crush on any players? If so, who and describe why.
  • Calgary Flames: Tell us why you hate the player you despise the most.
  • Carolina Hurricanes: Top five favourite goalies?
  • Chicago Blackhawks: When trades occur, what do you do to try to keep your mind off of it?
  • Colorado Avalanche: Who was the first player you've met? Describe what happened at that moment.
  • Columbus Blue Jackets: Have you ever been accused of being a puck bunny?
  • Dallas Stars: Would you go to great lengths in order to have a "chance encounter" with your favourite player?
  • Detroit Red Wings: Name three of your favourite Swedish players.
  • Edmonton Oilers: Describe your all-time favourite moment that happened to your team.
  • Florida Panthers: Have you ever broken anything or thrown a tantrum because your team lost?
  • LA Kings: Who did you pull for in the 2014 Olympics?
  • Minnesota Wild: Name three of your favourite American players.
  • Montreal Canadiens: Who is your all-time favourite rookie/prospect?
  • Nashville Predators: Are you a supporter of women's hockey?
  • New Jersey Devils: Name three of your favourite Finnish players.
  • New York Islanders: How long have you been a fan of hockey?
  • New York Rangers: Is there a specific player that made you fall in love with hockey (retired or not)? If yes, explain how he did so.
  • Ottawa Senators: Who would you say is the most handsome player in the entire NHL?
  • Philadelphia Flyers: Name three of your favourite Russian players.
  • Pittsburgh Penguins: How do you usually make time go by during the off-season?
  • San Jose Sharks: Do you watch the World Juniors Championships?
  • St. Louis Blues: Who is your favourite hockey legend? Explain why.
  • Tampa Bay Lightning: How many jerseys/shirseys do you own?
  • Toronto Maple Leafs: Name three of your favourite Canadian players.
  • Vancouver Canucks: What do you do if your team is losing by a lot after the first period?
  • Washington Capitals: Have you attended any NHL All-Star games?
  • Winnipeg Jets: What was the lockout like for you?

She belonged in libraries and book stores. She left her heart between the pages of her books.

Introducing my niece to Doctor Who. I didn’t think she liked the first episode but she says the Doctor is silly and asked for another episode.


You know what I hate? When people get pissed off when you tell them you don’t want them to touch you. Like excuse me, I don’t actually want you to touch my arm. I don’t want a hug right now. I don’t give a shit if you’re family. I don’t care if the phrase “I don’t want to be touched” puts you off. Just don’t fucking touch me.


Illustrations for Jane Austen’s classical novels.

By ChihAriel

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An 8 year old told me about the big, black DVDs her grandma has at her house. I’m too young to feel this old.

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The Monster is done!

Omg. This is amazing! Where did you get the fabric?