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I work with kids and talk about them a lot. I talk to myself a lot.

My mom is freaked out about me going to the Detroit game on Halloween, but encourages me to go on a blind date with a complete stranger. I’m not following her logic.

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being an angry crier is the worst because people either feel bad for you or they think they won. like no. i’m gonna punch you in the jaw. i’m just crying i’ll still knock you down a peg.


I either finish a book and have the next one propped over and ready to go or I wait 27 years and two wars before I start the next one. There is no in between.

When did it become so common place to send condolences via text message and Facebook? Did I miss something?

I become attached to people I shouldn’t. I distance myself from the people who matter. I am bad with people. I am good at being alone. But I hate being lonely.

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Marine Color Guard at Arlington National Cemetery


Marine Color Guard at Arlington National Cemetery

If my ears would pop my day would automatically be 35% better

If I could have any superpower do you know what I would pick? The power to transfer my period to someone else. Like you piss me off when I’m on my period, guess what? It’s yours now.


Monster, Miller, Tatter Tots

Got Monster signed at Hockeyfest last weekend, but missed the other two.

All three were marathon painted three days before event. ;__;

Medium: Gouache on Aquaboard